Tuesday, May 25, 2010

G Lucas Crane and the Nonhorse - live on the Castle Weds.

The last time I saw G Lucas Crane he said something about filling a room full of Christmas trees. Listening to his music as I type, I wonder if Lucas and his Nonhorse mean for their music to be as truly haunting as it is. One could easily daub the label "psychedelic" as well, though with hard emphasis on the "psyche." (Take mushrooms, put on a Nonhorse tape, and you are on your own, brother.) Listening to Nonhorse is like going somewhere really awesome for the first time, but you get lost, and the locals give you three different sets of directions. You finally make it to the carnival, but it's one of those disturbing ones—a grimy, pitched-tent affair, it's loud, and the carnies are missing more than a few teeth. It's sensory overload, and you're wondering if you should have hit up the 4-H Fair for a more predictable time. Of course not! Fuck it. You're here, so enjoy.

This is lo-tech collage music at its absolute finest. I am stoked for Lucas to battle the Nonhorse, right there before my eyes, and your ears, on the hideous carpet of WFMU's Studio B.

Angry villagers ram the Castle doors wide @ 8.
G Lucas Crane vs. Nonhorse, Round 1, 9 p.m.
WFMU 91.1 FM (NY/NJ)
WMFU 90.1 (Hudson Valley) live on the Web

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