Thursday, May 20, 2010


Um. Yeah. And in these hard times—the hardest—we can't let a good, deep bowl like that go to waste. Plus, no one fucks with the guy who eats Apple Jacks out of the skull of his enemy. So run back for it, careful to uh, not become a "bowl" oneself. Then click on the arrow, which points to the way out (maybe), and to the audio archive and playlist of last night's horrorcast.

Captain Rhodes was a shithead, now his head is shit. I feel not a bit sorry for the guy. But maybe as a bowl he can finally be useful. I was thinking earlier this week about someone not at all unlike Rhodes, not a heartless bastard or a complete fool, which only makes it worse, 'cos you can't write them off completely. Still, their arrogance ends up ultimately opening the gate that gets everybody KILLED, so whoever wants to be the boss that bad, well, they've got to have some shit wiring to begin with. Military solution.
Time for marble pound cake.

Most-noted on the Castleheads' comment board were Vice Squad, that mysterious new Malodorous tape in WFMU's new bin (not the US BDM band), Cadaver Eyes, Vicious Beast (yes, the bishop was paid), aaaaaaaaand the deadly Kitchen recording by Diablo, aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Horn of Dagoth.

Next week --- G Lucas Crane vs. Nonhorse!

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