Saturday, March 28, 2009

Screen Capture(s) of the Day

In a negligent fashion typical of 70s Euro-'sploitation, "voodoo" has been re-imagined to include ritual human sacrifice, blood drinking, and a standard procedure of turning pretty white ladies into vampiric leopard-spirits, who are damned to roam the jungle for all eternity in search of fresh victims. Despite some striking set pieces (from which these images are culled) Night of the Sorcerers seems mostly an effort to remind us that in the 70s, "more than a handful" was wasted, as the ultra-slim gals of the research team are transformed one by one into animal print bikini-clad bloodsuckers, with the added mystery of a colored ribbon required to hold their heads on.

For pathetic, Euro-sleaze completists (like myself) only.

Night of the Sorcerers does boast an enjoyable score, and I ripped the Main Titles to mp3 from the DVD, just for you:

>>Main and End Title music from Night of the Sorcerers (1973)<<
From composer Fernando García Morcillo.

Download link available for 7 days or the first 100 downloads.

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