Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Evidence of Personal Growth

I just wrote this to someone I've never met, but with whom I've been having a dialogue about misanthropy in general, an assumed kindred spirit in the fight against the herd. After reading it back to myself, I realized, "Hey! Change is possible!"

Yes, people are weak for sure. And hate will take a long time to kill you. Still, I find as I get older that there are a lot of good people, or that there's good in people—and that it's my filter, or just a default of the human condition, that the dross of humanity, the selfish, aggressive morons, make a stronger, more memorable impression—still, I think they are ultimately in the minority.

Is there an emoticon for "less of a hater than I used to be"?


  1. I know you probably don't listen to him, but Andrew W.K. was my pathway to this line of thought. And it is a good feeling, of letting some of that hate dissipate.

  2. I'm actually unfamiliar, therefore unbiased. Is there a "go to" album?

  3. A hard question. The most positive is probably "The Wolf," the most consistent and loudest is maybe "I Get Wet," the strangest is "Close Calls with Brick Walls," the happiest is the new Japanese covers cd...the older stuff like "GOJ" and especially the "Party til you Puke" EP on Bulb come a little more from a noise background and are also totally excellent, but harder to find. Summary of the man in question at

    I just read he is doing a DJ set with $mall Change, and I know he has played at WFMU at least once. He is mysterious, and I believe him to be a genius. And really fun to listen to.

  4. Also, this (relatively) succinctly sums up some of the mystery. Sorry to talk at such length, but this is a virus I enjoy spreading.