Friday, March 13, 2009

Metal Demo of the Day - Black Witchery

I went a little nuts for these guys when Desecration of the Holy Kingdom came out in 2001, scooping up everything I could find, including some live VHS, and this, their first cassette demo, released in 1997 under their original name Witchery. Black Witchery make an impressive presence in their hooded cloaks, dual bullet bandoleers, and elemental, Alice Cooper-esque corpsepaint. Their sound is no less arresting, a black-metal jackhammer dance, with killer riffs and a clear reverence for 80s thrash. Like Darkthrone, if you forced them to take cheap speed, drink even cheaper beer and live in a suburb of Orlando. This clip is a pretty fair representation of Black Witchery's urgent delivery, though the audio is poor:

Witchery - Death To Trends
Download link available for 7 days or the first 100 downloads.

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  1. Holy shit! Winter Springs, Florida! Not too far from Orlando, the city I'm currently haunting!

    It makes perfect sense that bands like this one would come out of the environment of central Florida.