Thursday, March 19, 2009

Album of the Day - Donkelheet / Wann d´Nuet rifft (1998)

Don't know too much about this artist, but they're from Luxembourg, a tiny country with a lot of money. Lots of free time to contemplate just how to wring out Black Metal and Doom until your music sounds like a faintly woven death mask of human consciousness. There are also some definite Krautrock moves at work here, whether accidental or intended.

This is music from the bottom of a rank, moldy dungeon. Otherworldly sounds, buried under tombs of crackle and hiss. Demo-quality—a lot going on for those patient enough to listen.

Download Wann d´Nuet rifft and two other titles by Donkelheet at this page, from One Drunken Afternoon.

Tune in to me later today, 3-6 p.m. ET, @ WFMU or 91.1 FM in the NY area. Follow the playlist in real time.

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