Thursday, September 1, 2016

...Good ol' one-neck-having Rome. ...That's one more neck than the No-Neck Blues Band.

Life lessons? Sometimes life is the one that needs to be taught a lesson. Arguably not a two-way street, though. So what do we do? We talk of politics, sex, and poo. Jonathan Herweg v. The State!

Caligula cared not for The State, at least not the movie Caligula. The "irl" Caligula perhaps a bit more. With nothing to defy or question or rebel against, we would quickly and simply turn to ash, so THANK your enemies, for keeping YOU attentive, and strong. Ok...maybe don't thank them, but at least know that conflict can serve a purpose.

But "purpose" itself, unchecked, can lead to ...well, Caligula's Rome. Too easily, one can go from "slothful orgy participant" to "traitor"—buried up to your neck, pelted by rotten apples, and awaiting a fate even worse. Rotten apples = food for thought, albeit too late.

We won't see Jonathan on the weekly schedule this time around, unfortunately, but I trust that he will remain one of WFMU's most-called-upon fill-in programmers, and continue to be our most entertaining weekly itinerant, as he has been all summer. You'll be hearing more of our banter on Castles to come. You can always check out Jonathan's Blurred and Obscured radio archives, and I recommend that you do.

A dazzling opening selection from Theologian pricked up some ears; we heard Led Zeppelin's "The Rover," so that happened (I opened a show not so terribly long ago with "Achilles Last Stand," perhaps my all-timer); a signature song by Rectal Hygienics pounded us, with visceral, hate filled visions...goddamn, that was some heavy listening that I didn't fully expect; we rounded out the 3-hour horrorcast™ with longer, improvised pieces by The Gate (new LIVE! cassette) and Skullflower's "La Noche De Walpurgis," a live cassette recording from 2011.

Coming Sept. 20, live music returns to My Castle of Quiet with Worthless—a powerful and creative (and locally grown) black metal outfit—a stirring start to our glorious autumn!

To stream the archived audio, view the playlist and listener comments for this week's horrorcast, please click on the great Malcolm McDowell above, as that most-debauched of Emperors.

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