Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Last night's My Castle of Quiet horrorcast™ definitely leaned noise-friendly. I'd had the thought of doing another Noise Bliss-Out; then, in the intervening week, realized that a wealth of great new metal and punk had dropped and I wasn't looking to wait to play it. All the same, noise dominated, and that Live Sadism I'd been carrying in my satchel for months finally got a second play on our program, a nice chunk of "Hängeparty 2." The world would most certainly be a little less wonderful without Scandinavian sado-porn-noise.

New OPPONENTS music once again graced our air, the band having *two* new digital full-lengths of outstanding material. We heard also in our first set from the one-off Welsh-dynamite 2009 Blackest Rainbow CDr by Spill, and a full side of the newly issued-on-vinyl M.B. and Ryan Martin collab.

Also drawing comment were Herschell Gordon Lewis; we lost the gore/horror/sleaze-cinema pioneer this past week | new Sea of Bones | new White Medal [!!!] | new A.M.S.G. | ...and occupying much of our last hour, a full 2011 tape side, two pieces, by Death Factory, the longstanding Chicago-based sound-artist extraordinaire M. Krause, whose vinyl debut also recently released.

Also of distinction: Narcos | Street Sects | Caveman Cult | The Gospel Truth | PBK & Wolf Eyes | Lead Sprinkler

Next month brings not only Halloween, and with any luck a wealth of special programming on My Castle of Quiet and WFMU, but also our annual "silent" fundraiser (low-pitch, Web-based, new t-shirts & other station swag.) More info on that very soon, here, as well as at our Facebook group page. One thing for sure, we'll be visited by Darcey Leonard, the charming/sassy/mystical proprietress of Brooklyn's Tarot Society, on the 18th, our friend DJ JayD (a name you may know from our comments board) joins as well.

This week, in our screen capture, the tragic Emily—from Lucio Fulci's Gates of Hell—Fulci, Fulci, it's always Fulci! You can click there to reach the playlist [*ahem* Listener Howard], streaming audio and comments board for last night's show.

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