Wednesday, February 17, 2016

i agree with everything everyone said.

It came back to me, last night after the program, that "hentai" literally translates as "pervert," but has been linguistically overwhelmed by common usage, as the umbrella term for Japanese cartoon porn, such that (based on what I read) it's not used too often today to point at individual perverts, in favor of the commercial collectivism of their fetish. As a word person, I find this highly amusing; just imagine if we had a porn subgenre here in the west called "pervert" ... Just in general, I like to follow up on the shit I say on mic, my late-firing synapses often failing me. Considering it's from 30 years ago, I waited way too long to watch Entrails of a Beautiful Woman, such a deliciously unhinged, ultra-colorful and downright filthy little piece of cult-cinema insanity that it is.

Yet again, I feel uniquely privileged to have a forum wherein to present some of my favorite musical artists live, and meeting and hosting Hiroshi Hasegawa was no small matter for me. Outstanding, powerfully engaging sets from both the Astro-man himself, as well as Castle familiars Desiccant dominated our horrorcast™; enthralling modern music, sound sculpture at its absolute finest, a reason to live, and to keep doing what I do as "niched" as it is, as that niche deserves a voice.

In our last hour, got into some great new punk records—there is simply so much these days, it's overwhelming; more good/interesting bands than there are trad./predictable ones—some new releases I'm pretty tuned up on are the new Red Mass one-sided vinyl, the Wet Ones s/t, Flowers of Evil, Death Index, Condition ...and of course the great Sesso Violento & Black Cilice songs from 2015 were personal highlights. You can stream & enjoy the live sets, and the totality of last night's horrorcast, by clicking on the titular character from Cyclo (1995) above, in his moment of happy-pill-induced self-sploshing and gun play.

Until next time, here's the trailer for Here Comes The Devil, a 2012 Mexican horror film that for me got substantially better with a second viewing, all things unsettling, Satanic, sexual.... More great live music next week on My Castle of Quiet with Cape of Bats!

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