Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Felicitations on #300 WM

Rolling with the My Castle of Quiet-favored "party continuum" option, which should see us straight through to the WFMU 2016 marathon and beyond, show #300 saw us privileged to host an artist with whom I've shared years of mutual support, Sandor GF aka Andorkappen, the wild creative force also behind such projects as Lord Time, member of KILT and 1/3 of the mighty Harassor.  >>>

So, what just blew my mind in the post-experiential hearing (it was overwhelming enough in person, but it's often that next day where a rager really hits home, fully consumed) was a live-rendered, improvised-around-a-plan Andorkappen piece "Endless Endings", and you can hear / download the the "official" version here.

Stream our entire horrorcast™ (live set, interview, the usual tatty array of black metal, movie trailers, and those clean-pressed dark hxcx lads) by clicking on Chester Turner's Black Devil Doll above (I won't feed your anticipation of this one at all, just to say if you have never seen it, see it...trailer below.)

You can catch Andorkappen LIVE THIS WEEKEND; Friday, at Silent Barn /w Hiroshi Hasegawa, as Dead Wolf Black, collab with our friend Bob Bellerue; Saturday at The Omega Order HQ (94 Bogart St., Brooklyn.)

More top-shelf, live, soul-crushing sound next week from Dessicant (Andy Borsz & Mat Rademan) and Hiroshi Hasegawa (C.C.C.C., Astro, Astromero !!!)

My most sincere thanks all of you for your kind support & hearty hails for our 300th show on last night's playlist; Castleheads unite, always! Kick against those Grand Pricks, and I'll hear from you next week, you'll definitely hear me.


  1. hey is it possible to listen to the old Hip Bone show anywhere? or at least see the playlists.

  2. Sorry Jack, I wish! My original tenure at WFMU pre-dated the ubiquity of Web documentation of our shows. The last Hip Bone show was in Feb. '99. There are cassettes of course, but sitting down to rip them would be an arduous task....