Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Well, COMPACTOR played its fabricated heart out last night; it was a dense, fat set that laid out the project's breadth of sound—from the near-constant texture of digital down, the cyclical beats, the mechanical fits and starts, to the "organic" and "inorganic" machine sounds. Very enjoyable, as "meaty" as non-meat can be. COMPACTOR's set will *not* be posting to WFMU's Free Music Archive, as some tracks performed / recorded may be used on future releases, so the easiest way to directly hear COMPACTOR's live set is by clicking above to access the full My Castle of Quiet stream from last night.

There was comment love for our first set, pre-COMPACTOR, which included tracks by Crowhurst [popnihil live cassette here], Encounters [new tape; our live guests this past August], and a sterling 1969 film track from Piero Piccioni.

Following COMPACTOR's vast, shapely set, we rode the night out with notable selections from Hiiragi Fukuda, Funeral Art, Serpentine Path, an elevating Paul Schütze organ piece, Death Citadel [lurching, primitive, blissful-blackened funeral doom], 2014 Earth, music from the doc-film Jodorowsky's Dune, and more from the Mauthausen Orchestra 4cd boxed set.

Creepy capture / horrorcast™-archive link above, "My Girl" Christina Hendricks, in Lost River, one of my favorite films from the last year of watching. Year-end My Castle of Quiet film-and-music list for 2015 coming very soon! Thanks for listening.

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