Wednesday, December 2, 2015

can you please play a bad song so I can go to sleep 

The first half of last night's horrorcast™ was pure movement-over-land, careening like a stagecoach, muskets whipping & clacking into the air, hooves hammering the dust. ...Endurance! It's no small feat rendering ~22 shorter-duration selections in 90 mins., cueing up tapes (stopping at one point to switch decks mid-song), records, mp3s...I felt a bit like the "morning guy" at some mythical, alternate-dimension "AM zoo" station, out of time and out of step with anything happening in the real world, but pressing on urgently regardless.

Again this week, seconded & thirded high praise for Cape of Bats, and if you like My Castle of Quiet (meaning you're *sort of* like me, in the broadest sense of course!) you're as taken as I am by their dark, encrusted, Transylvanian, rockabilly-infused emanations. It's some cold shit, and they're dropping a new, full-length album later this month.

The new Tyrants of Hell (cassette on Wohrt; digital album also avail.) has been getting great reactions too; I'm working through it one song at a time, and an older-favorite single on Legion Blotan by Styggmyr ended the ride, chests heaving....

Other personal highs included:  Furdidurke | Unspeakable | DA (new LP!) | Horoscope | Decades / Failures | new Mick Travis on Midwich (quite taken by all the Midwich releases this year, just in general) | a great Total Life piece | and one selection from the excellent Slowdown by COMPACTOR, who will be our live, real-time guest performer next week. [COMPACTOR Facebook event listing]

And no, that is not Harvey Keitel above, though it could be if you looked quickly and disregarded the actor's nose...instead a moment captured From Beyond the Grave, one of the great Amicus horror-portmanteau films, with a cast to impress. Click there to reach the playlist, streaming audio & comments for our show.


  1. it was a fun show last night, and thank you for the gialli recommendations. i always like to hear your perspective on film.

    one more thing, are you a fan of mario bava's films? is that a worthy road to go down?

    1. I am, yes, but very selectively. Black Sunday is of course a b&w gothic classic, Barbara Steele is hypnotic, stark-looking & gorgeous all at once. Others I like, Hatchet For The Honeymoon, Blood & Black Lace (classic giallo), The Whip and The Body, Lisa and The Devil, Planet of the Vampires (inspired Alien), Black Sabbath and Bay of Blood are all very entertaining. They vary, but most excel in exquisite visual style over narrative. Careful, as many Bava films are real turds, churned out for the quickie market (Times Sq. in NY, for example) or what they retroactively dubbed "grindhouse." The Hercules movies are to me, insufferable, though some people like them. Happy hunting!