Wednesday, June 10, 2015

superlative sequence

Zo ... last night's Castle was metal-heavy, as is often the case, but even more so when I take a week off for special programminga metal "log-jam" is created, that demands address.

Playlist notices for Krieg [split with Ramlord] | Haat [2002 LP] | A.M.S.G. [!!!] | ...and our last set, featuring new Haare | Deviation Social [reissue on Dais] | Circuit des Yeux [our guest next month!] | and the It Follows original electronic score by Disasterpeace.

Personal highs included new black metal from Erraunt | a great track from Lydia Lunch Retrovirus / Urge To Kill | new Akitsa [!] | new Askeregn [!] | the great Lascowiec ...

If you've been following these posts at all, you know where clicking on James Franco in gangsta drag will take you ... thanks for listening.

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