Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hej du! Scandinavian Prog Special


It's no secret that the Scandinavian nations have their own, peculiar voice in Rock history, especially where progressive, electronic, and "head" music are concerned. Sometimes underscored by their indigenous folk music, artists like Theodore Kittelsen and writers like Tolkien, but just as often, hippies, rebels, and counterculture conspirators to the North created a unique, regional distillation of what was happening worldwide in the 1970s and beyond. Groups like International Harvester channeled Swedish folk and The Velvet Underground equally, while Hansson & Karlsson made exquisite psychedelic blues, akin to Jimi Hendrix but with only an organ and a drum kit. 

...Making no particular attempts to WOW with rarities, just looking to have a good time playing three hours of some of my favorite music, that these days rarely sees airplay on the show otherwise.

As with previous "Kraut" specials, we'll be keeping it mostly in the 70s, with a few notable, possible exceptions ...(Änglagård, Anekdoten, Neptune Towers, Fläskvartetten anyone?)

...and anyone who can provide me with a good rip of the song, "En Av Oss" by Life [1970] will receive my eternal gratitude and possibly a kustom Castle kompilation cdr.

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in Rockland County @ 91.9FM LIVE on the Web. 

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