Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I really missed the tug and rub boat. ... Wm. Berger's Castle of Quiet is the best show on WFMU

One of the truly great things about WFMU, which Jonathan and I touched on last night in our broad-reaching discussions, is that every single broadcaster on WFMU has their own, rare voice and taste filter, "putting the pedal to the metal" of their singular character and taste. I have to imagine that every show on our schedule has its ardent listeners who believe their favorite show to be "the best."

Mr. Herweg (host of the brilliant Blurred and Obscured program) and I hit it off quite instantly in person a while back, and that rapport was carried over to the air quite naturally. Great times, with shared beefs and laughs aplenty! Listener Osvi noted, "what a dastardly bastardly pair"—true enough! ...and listener Ike wrote, "Cool DJ coupling. Youse guys are something." Mutual mental notes were made to take our show "on the road" at some future time.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS PLEDGES! You made our job easier and moved the good times forward. Congratulations to those of you who also came away with a prize, and / or a copy of this year's Castle premium CD, Raritäten Krautspieler. Huge thanks also must go to all the artists and labels that donated prizes, both through WFMU's music department, and directly from artist to program. Very much obliged!

I managed, amongst the lively / lengthy chatter, to maintain a beefy playlist, and tracks by Lard, The Birthday Party ("Mutiny In Heaven"; brash live version at that link, by the post-BP, pre-Bad Seeds Cavemen, ca. 1984), Planning For Burial, and Wolvhammer, all received notice on our comments board. Newer selections by Ashencult (part of our 4-cassette grand prize, donated by Broken Limbs Recordings) and Svffer (on Halo of Flies) made our fundraising program's climax rewarding for me, as sharing my newest musical excitements is unquestionably what makes the show consistently rewarding for me personally, and for the listeners as well, who tune in in great part to be inspired by the constant influx of new material on MCoQ.


This week's Castle-playlist screen capture comes from Seijun Suzuki's moody gangster epic Branded To Kill—one really needs to see that particular scene in the film, to get the full experience of the fingernails-on-glass agony! Click on the pic to reach the archived audio, playlist and comments for last night's horrorcast™. My Castle of Quiet returns next week, in marathon fundraising / pitch mode again, this time with stellar co-host Jeff Conklin of WFMU's The Avant Ghetto.

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