Wednesday, October 1, 2014

don't threaten me with a good time, william

Forced to hold back a load last week by sudden illness, I was left with a vision of a perfect MCoQ show, which played out last night almost perfectly. ...Ideally, lots of rousing, careering black metal and punk the first 90 mins. or so, to be followed by scores & OST-type music and a hearty Krautrock blast at the finale. I pat myself on the back, which is not something I do every week, most certainly.

Apart from the music, my prevailing thought these past two weeks has been "people." Why is it so difficult for some to communicate, openly and freely? I've never felt like I had any time to do anything but, it comes perhaps too easily to me to just say how I'm feeling in any given situation, so when others cannot, when they veil and obfuscate, and approach their expression in a winding, snaky fashion, I don't understand. The time I may have "wasted" sleeping, is the time others have wasted not expressing themselves fully and without fear. I'll say this, it makes me deeply appreciate the people in my life who can just talk. Never, ever hold out on me!

Playlist-comment praise went to Motörhead's "Stay Clean," always a personal favorite; Заводь [Zavod], from Ukraine, their excellent album available here from Freak Friendly Diy; a 2012 Krieg track [from a 4-way split; we hope to host the USBM legends live, here at The Castle, very soon!]; and "Katmandu," a soundtrack cut from the always-good Piero Piccioni.

Personal highs included tracks by Cloud Rat, Hexis, Veranear, and Vintage Flesh (aka Reverend John Hex, also of Nostalgic Darkness, who we've heard on the show before.)

NOW THE BIG IMPORTANT NEWS: WFMU and My Castle of Quiet are now officially fundraising, more information at that link, but one thing we WON'T be doing is hawking our value ON THE AIR. This is our yearly, all-October, "silent" fundraiser, where we utilize our Web presence, and the collective Web homes of all our on-air personalities, to implore you to give us the financial support we need and rely on.

Special Castle events for the month include: Kraut-Out #3, coming much sooner than planned, as you all enjoyed Kraut-Outs #1 and #2 so much...I'm almost ready with a schön playlist; a live broadcast on our Oct. 28-29 show, from Kyle Clyde and Rodger Stella; Kyle has graced us with live music before [see link], and if you listen to WFMU/MCoQ, you know well Rodger Stella's many fine musical works. Lastly, a live visit from USBM legends Krieg is in the works, though that may come post-fundraiser.

SO PLEDGE, FRIENDS! Show your love for WFMU / My Castle of Quiet, and get swag. See the white, rectangular "widget" above this post to make a donation.

Our still this week comes from the very fine Nikkatsu "Roman Porno" / Pinku film, Tattooed Flower Vase, featuring, among many other great scenes, an excruciatingly long pussy-tattooing scene [no electric tools!.] She's one badass bitch, s'all I can say. Click on Michiyo to reach the streaming audio, playlist and comments for last night's horrorcast™.

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