Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thousands and thousands of bats.

Very grateful to both Bleak and Hell Mary for playing excellent sets last night! As much as I revere all the music played on MCoQ, there's simply no substitute for a great live performance.

...Much Castlehead love on our playlist for both our guests, and we're all happy to oblige, and appreciate your comments! Listeners also remarked on our classic opener by Killing Joke, as well as selections from the Water Torture Discography CD, highly recommended, and our closing 10-12 minutes, selections from the Artemiev scores for Tarkovsky's The MirrorStalker, from a deluxe, new LP reissue on the Superior Viaduct label.

As always, many of the selections were to me personally / especially gratifying to hear; been carrying around that Prowls CD maybe 1-2 years! I listen to it at home, and am well-acquainted, and love to get that dusty improv stuff out there, too, as it's one of my other musical passions apart from extreme metal / Krautrock etc. Artists like Morphogenesis, Smegma (Jackie from Prowls' "mother" project), and worthy contemporaries like Moth Cock get me pretty excited. ...Morphogenesis 1994 live on YT:

Can also recommend the Enbilulugugal 2CD collection of their black metal / noize on Crucial Blast, it's pretty fuckin' mighty; mighty as well is the ALL-NEW Telecult Powers LP, their second full-length on vinyl, Black Meditations, on the Experimedia label.

NEXT WEEK:  I turn 50, holy fuck, and our special, live guests will be Joshua Slusher and his new-ish duo PRIVILEGE, from Brooklyn. Very much looking forward to their dark pulsations! See you then....

You can click now on our weekly screen cap up top, from the curious bit of filmmaking known as Subconscious Cruelty, an odd exercise in sexual / religious / visual nihilism, to reach the playlist, comments, and audio archive for last night's horrorcast™.

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