Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You gonna rise or what?

Not sure on the rising, especially with that Nazi temptress / torturess from Der Todesking looming. The message is so clear; arouse your interest -then lob it off! ...You ladies want to know how "creeps" are created? Sexual deprivation, lack of female affection, breeds a kind of madness in men. Not saying ladies don't need sex too, far from it, but in my years of observation, they can go without and not suffer quite as much. ...Men get weird, we get obsessive, start sniffing chairs etc., and even the old bags at the supermarket start to look "not so bad" to us. It's uncontrollable. Men do not go through menopause, though our sex drive does diminish / calm down with age, we're pretty much raging until we die.

I was raised for the most part in my Grandparents' home, and I recall one night getting up to go to the bathroom, passing my Grandparents' bedroom, and hearing my Grandma say, "get off of me!" - just like that. I really felt for my Grandfather at that moment. He was a randy gent, always admiring the ladies, right up until his 80s, when he got sick, and as far as I know, was always loyal to my Grandmother.

I'm not suggesting that women roam the countryside handing out "charity fucks," that would be absurd, but when a man spends his lifetime with a fairly regular diet of sexual / romantic encounters, he begins to flounder and get weird, and yes, "creepy," as that frequency dwindles. So watch where you sit, as my face may be buried in your chair after you leave. It's a compliment!

...I often think, "why do I do this show, still?" as I head towards the station every week, but it always turns out well, I enjoy the creative release, and sharing the music I love with a receptive public, even if it is from 12-3 a.m., and the playlist comments are sometimes minimal / quiet. I've already amassed a substantial archive / legacy of unusual radio, over 200 shows which will stand the test of time, especially for those like myself that obsess over dark, aggressive, mysterious sounds. I will always be a slave to the less-obvious, the hidden, the less-socially acceptable arteries of creativity and art. I won't grow old and adopt mellower tastes, as some do.

Love on the playlist for Wargrinder, Voqkrre (album on iTunes!), Pig Destroyer (a 2001, "classic" track) ... then some sincere lamentation of the absence of Sue P.'s Solid Gold Hell program (both on my part and that of listeners), and then, a healthy bitch session on the plague of bedbugs. ... Sue P. was / is the real deal, a true maverick individual, with great taste in music, and for those that know her, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get, no-bullshit lady; I've always admired Sue a great deal, and her taste in what she conveyed on her weekly program was peerless. Sue continues to do fill-in shows on WFMU.

Though by and large, my weekly playlist is mapped out in advance, I still end up discovering the true greatness of many selections during the course of the show; this week, tracks especially by Excepter (awesome new LP!), Murw and Fatalism, really opened like flowers for me, and I reveled in the privilege to be able to share them with you. ...

Next week on our show, GREAT live sets from both Bleak (Syracuse, NY) and Hell Mary (NJ) grace the horrorcast™! Here's the Facebook event page.

Any and all further discussion, debate, discourse on the topic of male / female, sexual / romantic deprivation is welcome, on or off these pages. (You can email privately to

Click on our capture from Der Todesking up top, to reach the playlist, audio archive, and listener comments for this week's show, and thanks as always for tuning in.

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