Friday, May 31, 2013

Wm., your contributions to the station are so vital. Irreplaceable in my opinion. ... Don't go!!!!!!!!!!! ... A TOAST... TO WM, YOU DARKEN OUR NIGHTS.

Bad-da-ba deet-dat-doot-dat da-doot-doot. ...

Man, I should quit every week! The playlist was as lively as the cheap seats at Yankee stadium, people throwing shit, and hollering—my "obituary," as listener blee put it. A roast, minus the faux-insults. Thanks! I have always thoroughly enjoyed the accu-playlist comments, and the ensuing discourse. Every show should be a party, an interaction—this is my "getting out of the house," after all; an interaction where I'm at my very best—controlling the music, at the helm, relaxed, confident and overall, enthused. I really cannot thank all the My Castle of Quiet listeners who've supported the show over the years enough; a Castle, though still a Castle, can be a very lonely place if empty...the Lord just mopes on his throne. So thanks again for making my castle a very full one.

One other thing I was reflecting upon; the position has afforded me revived friendships with the two broadcasters I was sandwiched between, Dave the Spazz and Stan, both very true-blue music lovers whom I go way back with, and who approach their art and express their enthusiasm in the most contrasting of ways. Will miss those guys!

WFMU is such a rare place, and at this point has been such an enormous part of my life—a rag-tag home for misfit, hardcore music lovers, all given the amazing opportunity of unfettered self-expression with very few limitations—WFMU is a box of perpetually hot matches, bright and lively. ... I knew not when I knocked on that door in the basement of Froeberg Hall in the Summer of 1983, how my experience would be shaped and propelled by integration into this amoebic, gutsy and thriving organization.

Anyway, my third home (San Francisco being the second) calls to me always, and I hope to return in the not-too-distant future, with yet another artistic metamorphosis, so please stay tuned! I'm happy to report that the Thursday / Friday midnight-3 a.m. slot will be taken over by Professor Dum Dum's Lab, a great, unpredictable show that always challenges radio convention, and reveals its layers of cleverness the more one listens. Cheers, Professor!

At this point, I'm wheeling out the favorites–High Tide, Sabbath, Lugubrum, Alberich (playing tonight at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn!), and Voids (aka Decoy Jews)... Many more Castle "hits" to come next week, and so many more I won't get to, but have been paid severe homage in the program's solid, four-year run. All the archives for MCoQ will remain online @, in addition to 30 some-odd fill-in shows dating back to 2001, all available here.

If this week was the obit, next week's show will be the funeral, the corpse's adornment and (un)holy burning, with mighty live guests Psychic Limb. Can't wait. An epic throwing down of arms, but as the great phoenix, I will again rise, bla fucking Sam Kinison once put it, in reference to Christ's resurrection, "Ahhh! The dead LIVE, the DEAD FUCKING LIVE!!!."

Click on the inscrutable, telekinetic child, Monkey, from Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker, to reach the archived audio, playlist and comments for last night's penultimate horrorcast™.

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