Friday, May 10, 2013

"walk once more with us"

Trying to review last night's horrocast™, as my neighbor blasts the local classic-rock station, LOUDLY, a complete lack of any social grace / consideration, or mere mercy—does anyone really need to hear Boston, again???

Bludded Head were undoubtedly the stars of the night, their set was strong, organic, nicely "human"—love the new songs more with every listen. I STRONGLY suggest NYC locals catch them tonight at the Silent Barn, with our friends C. Lavender, Bob Bellerue and Greg Fox also on the bill. All my selections were somewhat spontaneously woven around our guest, their sound and essence—the inspiration to open with a Codeine track was a late-breaker—now THERE'S some "classic rock" for you!

With the weather getting warmer, it seems natural to slow down a bit, revel in the rebirth, and conserve one's energy as well. Long and slow-burning seems to the order of the day; music like a beat-up-but-treasured easy chair. ...

In addition to the wealth of positive comments for Bludded Head, much deserved, their set running the range from subtlety on an Art Bears par, to the full-blown, doom-crush of their record (still in print and available at their shows or here on bandcamp), listeners also waxed positive on the playlist for selections by:

YOGA (from the great Skinwalker album; a master-work that I'm still discovering the power and craftiness of) | ENCOUNTERS (from the Rooms cassette on Pop Nihil; an exciting new collaboration between Husere Grav and Ryan Reno of NRIII)

It's timely to mention that next week, my special guest co-host will be good friend Todd W., aka Husere Grav, sharing the mic and possibly bringing a few musical selections of his own. Below is the HG live Castle set from 2010. Todd has, through many generous burns/donations/tips over the years, provided me with some of the great music I've showcased on The Castle. ...A noise gentleman and scholar, to be sure, and maybe we'll jaw about the Manson mythos and some of our other shared interests, we'll see....

In two weeks, live music again, from Tom Carter and Pat Murano, and Dried-Up Corpse (aka Stand Reed of BSBC), and possibly another artist tba. Here's an embed of a great Dried-Up Corpse live set on YouTube, a really mighty live performance that I've linked before, but just can't get away from...serious HAILS!

Click up top, on the gorgeous/hideous creatures from The Pack—a smart, eerie, must-see French horror feature from 2010—to reach the archived audio, playlist and comments for last night's show.

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