Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bludded Head - Hyper-creative TX DOOM, live on My Castle of Quiet, tonight!

Not all doom bands are created equal, not by a long shot. Some are just trying to set downbeats as far afield from one another as possible, with lots of hard-guy posturing in between. Bludded Head first came to my attention in WFMU's new bin; handmade packaging and good silkscreening always catch my eye, and little did I know that I would come to love the record inside even more than its shell, and then subsequently see them play a great outdoor set at the Summer 2012 Voice of the Valley festival in WV. The band also generously donated two LP/t-shirt/poster sets to our fund drive this year, so if you're one of the lucky Castle listeners who pledged and won one of those, mazeltov!

Bludded Head play an earthy, artfully composed and deftly executed brand of doom, with electric cello serving as the bass instrument, and Nevada Hill's vocals, a wild wail that could crack drywall. Their lengthy songs don't sit in one place too long; they keep changing, evolving with each new passage, and subtle, pregnant sections thoughtfully divide up the crushing power. BH take the doom sound to places it's not been before, and MCoQ is pleased to catch up with the band on tour, with a local show at Silent Barn, Friday 5/10, also featuring Greg Fox (of Guardian Alien; former drummer with Liturgy), and previous Castle performers/friends/co-hosts C. Lavender and Bob Bellerue.

Bludded Head have a new drummer, and are now a four-piece (originally at trio), and we can't wait to hear how they've evolved, and what new steamrolled delights and mind-expanding explosions they have for us.

I pass my own mortality, on the stairs @ 12 mid.
BH @ 12:30 a.m. approx.
WFMU 91.1 FM
WMFU 90.1 FM (Hudson Valley)
in Rockland County @ 91.9 FM live on the Web, with real-time accu-playlist and message board.

>>>Bludded Head on bandcamp<<<

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