Friday, December 7, 2012

the lake kneels before your awesome.

Pumpkinhead—a great American horror film, beautiful in its simplicity. Stan Winston's finest hour; a tale of supernatural vengeance, with great American horror star Lance Henriksen at its centre, as grieving father "Edddd Haaaarley." An exquisitely designed monster, that's never overexposed, and all blissfully pre-CGI.

Which reminds me, the My Castle of Quiet end-of-year film and music list is coming soon. The film list is not limited to horror, nor is it limited to ten entries, and the music list gets longer every year. Never a simple, expository banging-out of plot lines, I work hard on the piece, pruning and refining it throughout the year, and the POV is most intentionally subjective and personal. I don't want you adding crap to your Netflix queues, nor do I want to tell you the whole story, ever ... just enough enticement to encourage you to see some movies (and listen to some music) that made my year, and form your own notions about it all. Just to jog your memory, here's last year's list.

This week's program flowed like milky-white android juice out of Ian Holm's mouth, and I had the usual rejuvenating slam-bang creative release of a time, three hours zipping by before I knew what was happening. ... Playlist commenters enjoyed:

EDWARD KA-SPEL'S A Pleasure Cruise Through Nine Dimensions
VETALA, from split 7"' with Black Cilice
MONARCH Sortilège
BEREFT double-CS reissue (live video)
DON PRESTON'S analog-electronic works; collection on Sub Rosa

Thanks always for your kind words, your respectful and enthusiastic appreciation of the weekly horrorcast™—it never gets old!

Back next week, and in two with live music from NJ's Ides!

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