Friday, December 14, 2012

Exploding heart, what a way to die.

Not a still from a horror movie this time, but a slice instead of real-life horror. JFK's press man, Malcolm Killduff, pointing to where the fatal shot took out the President's skull; a blast from the grassy knoll.

This image is not seen often enough; by its very existence, it tears to shreds the laughable Warren-Commission report on the assassination. And on its face, an emblem of the rapidly deteriorating faith in our government, which continues to this day. True horror, especially when compared to our usual escapist imagery culled from classic and modern films (not that I don't love the same; quite obviously, I do.) But the MEN BEHIND THE CURTAIN are still running things, and will continue to do so, unless and until we all embrace the spirit of revolution that's on continuous slow burn in our hearts.

On to last night's horrorcast™, comment-board favorites included-

Cornflakes 808 (danceable Simonetti-isms from Italy)
Wulkanaz (already oop tape on Wohrt)
Yellow Eyes (MCoQ live set here; dazzling live clip here)
Highgate (a great 2010 doom record, dropped into my lap via trade)
False Flag (2x floppy-disc release)

It's a continuous source of creative release and ultimately joy for me to do the weekly, live, My Castle of Quiet broadcasts, and knowing that there are many of you out there following along, with ears and minds open, just serves to sweeten the pot. And though I spend much of my week distracted and fretful, loneliness and despair always looming within reach, it seems to make sense that it all culminates in the weekly broadcast, where we get to commiserate on some great music, made up of feelings ominous and occasionally disturbing. We "break bread" over a meal of unusual and dark art—and don't you dare call me late to dinner!

Thanks for listening, always, and watch out! "Beware, be aware!" as Gong put it, and I'll catch you next week, with Ides live in the WFMU studio.

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