Friday, December 28, 2012

It's all "sombre" ...

You guys turn my traditional grey pallor a decided shade of blush. Year's end being an inevitable time of reflection, I can say for sure that I've had my ups and my downs, my moments of shame and of great joy, personally speaking...but that most-rare opportunity of turning the giant key in the Castle door, dimming the lights (thanks, Dave the Spazz!) and playing an array of my weekly favorites for you all, that ALWAYS delivers. I'm grateful, both to WFMU, and to the ever-growing cadre that has gathered around the My Castle of Quiet program, for giving my every Thursday into Friday a decided sense of purpose and forward movement.

Onward we go, into the year 2013, with the surety of continued, weekly notes from the musical fringe, special programming and live appearances, and the added bonus of personal connections with some of the listeners, performers, and music labels that have helped make the show what it is. (Those live sets, from Yellow Eyes and Sun Splitter, and last week's hardcore fiesta with Ides, are forthcoming on WFMU's Web portals, I promise; you may have noted that sets by Lea Bertucci and K-Salvatore, originally aired live in early October, just went up this week.)

In other new MCoQ Web business, our yearly list of horror films and most-favored music posted last week to Beware of The Blog, and I swung into this week's program shamefully noting the many glaring omissions from the music list (K-Salvatore's Tsar Ova Elk, the Vetala/Black Cilice split 7" from 2011, the False s/t LP, and Sun Splitter's III come most-readily to mind, NOW.) But that's the "curse" of the music-obsessive; any list of favorites scrolls to the floor and beyond, as there are so many favorites; at least I'm lucky enough to have a radio show, so that weekly colonic exorcism can be counted upon to relieve the pressure. ...

On to this week's horrorcast™, where another still from V / H / S adorned our playlist, listener comments-board mentions included

HASIL ADKINS (on WFMU, no way! ???)
NINIKA (new on NVS)

Click on the creepy girl alien, looking on, emotionless, as Emily lies unconscious and bloodied on the floor, to reach the audio archives and playlist for this week's My Castle of Quiet.

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