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Details, details. Die Screaming, Marianne! "So Long Marianne" -cry and laugh and cry and laugh about it all....

Credit where credit is due (avoid clichés "like the plague," the managing editor in my head says, but screw it) -the above captures are taken from the short film, Fable, by Gerald Slota, for which I did the score, back when I was in that limbo of not really being sure if I wanted to "do stuff" again, haHA! Well I'm sure doing stuff now, and Prison Tatt Records has become my sort-of day job; or at least I have enough tasks related to the label that I can easily fill a 40-hour week with them. That's good, right?

With "success" comes caution and reassessment, but that's just my looking-over-the-shoulder tendencies, too well-heeled to ameliorate now. And I'm not even talking about the making-shitloads-of-money type of success; that's not what WE who are all in THIS do THIS for, but in the form of Records of the Week at Aquarius, in my beloved SF, healthy distro activity (both in the form of trades, and things like swift, no-b.s. orders from great guys like RRRon), and press and radio play aplenty (once again generating from Northern California, where my ashes will most definitely scattered to the heavy winds.) So, though I'm loathe to plan / manage live events, I thought that I should do something, if only for the bands and to further solidify the label's growing reputation, as it were—here comes Prison Tatt Showcase #2!

With performances by—

Explosive Improvised Device - Anthony Saunders has been honing and fine-tuning and ever-evolving this project since it began. This set on my WFMU show displays well how artfully EID meld harsh noise with an INA-GRM, musique concréte compositional sensibility. His Prison Tatt release, the one-sided LP Non-Conformance and Corrective Action, is soon to come, though EID has tons of releases on other labels available (and a brand-new one, on Factotum Tapes, which will in all likelihood be available at this show.) The EID record will also be the first to directly address the label's "house cause" of prisoner's rights worldwide.

OPPONENTS - These guys are on a high that just will not stop! OPPONENTS continue to work on their sound, never satisfied with doing just one thing or staying in place. Their headlining stint at the trés exclusif Prison Tatt backyard 4th-of-July BBQ was a shower of beats, a rally (not unlike Cabaret Voltaire's The Voice of America in its electric urgency), as my neighbors showered fireworks down upon my roof, in time to the music. The material for their second Prison Tatt release, this time a full-length LP, is already in the can, and what can I say, but what I always say—there is no one who quite sound like OPPONENTS. For solid proof of that energy and eclecticism, visit the sounds page of their official Web home. OPPONENTS (and EID) are playing early in the lineup, so get your asses there on time!

KILT - Fresh off of tour, where they've been playing as the somewhat rare, full trio (Bob Bellerue, Sandor Finta, and Raven Chacon), these organic, heavy-noise meisters have recorded a tour LP called Santa Muerte (very affordable download at that link; can also stream in full), which is the only KILT release I'd deem mightier than their Prison Tatt CD, Kitchen Sorcery. This night's set will be an even rarer duo of Sandor and Bob—as the Raven must fly, home to New Mexico. You can still see the KILT trio TONIGHT, at Death By Audio (49 South 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY) w/ Maria Chavez, Long Distance Poison, and Laura Ortman + Michael Garofalo.

The Communion - Coming off the milestone of their excellent Prison Tatt release, A Desired Level of Unease, The Communion are also one of those bands that just seem to get better and better. Amazing new songs, continually tighter and even-more-emotionally-charged sets are what The Communion have to offer. They are also the sole, full-lineup, guitar-based metal/grind band playing at the show; that sound being such a big part of the label, I have to thank these guys for representing at both of our showcases thus far. Check here, at their bandcamp, for a whole lot of stuff I wish I'd released as well, as there just are no "bad" Communion songs. Someday, a vinyl boxed set is definitely in order!

Long Distance Poison - I've come such a long way with LDP; grown together, truly—high points being their live set on my WFMU show (for which I was graciously invited to collaborate conceptually), writing liner notes for both their Signals to a Habitable Zone LP as well as their upcoming collection of remixes (LP & DVD), Gliese Translations (both on Fin Records), and hanging out, BBQ-ing with Nathan and Erica at Voice of the Valley (to say nothing of the silly, "stout-man" dancing.) Their Prison Tatt one-sided LP, The Bog Nebula, is simply one of my favorite Long Distance Poison tracks, though there are so many good ones. (Going fast, though still available; the record will be on sale at this show for $13.)

T.O.M.B. - The second-ever band to release on Prison Tatt, T.O.M.B. (as well as Grasshopper before them) put their faith in me, and delivered a great record to release, Xesse (last 3 sleeved copies available at this show! I have a few unsleeved for $10.) T.O.M.B.'s recordings are sometimes-overwhelming journeys into some very dark essences and emotions—not quite "industrial," not quite "metal"—and they do the sound better than anyone I can think of. T.O.M.B. are coming off the high of opening for Sunn O))) (at Philly's Union Transfer; scroll down at that link for T.O.M.B. photo gallery), and from all indications their live show has evolved/grown to match their sound in intensity—I'm a little scared! So stick around to the end of our night, as T.O.M.B. promises to leave all fully drained.

Between-band DJ sets will be presented by DJ Deep Creep, and I'm excited to see what he chooses for the membranes that will link all our artists together. You can check out some of his sets/mixes at that link.

This is all happening at The Meatlocker, in Montclair, NJ, at 8 Park Street. 8 p.m. doors. Prison Tatt is a New Jersey-based label, and I wanted to leave the hurried hassles of Brooklyn's overripe music scene aside for the night, and just have a coalition of energies in a relatively calmer, though still urban setting, closer to the label's home.

Please note that all in-print Prison Tatt vinyl titles will be available, most for a discounted price of $13 (some cheaper), and CDs for $8. Most tapes in our distro will be available for $6 (doubles $8); most distro vinyl will be $13 as well. CD/CDr pricing varies.

Most importantly, hope to see you there! Thanks for your support!; you know who you are.

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