Friday, August 24, 2012

[...] one of the best radio shows on the planet!

Thanks, Schlockmaster! This morning, I need the compliment. The better the show, the harder the come down afterward I suppose, and last night's was a doozy, not only thanks to my selections, but to the vigorous, plate-shifting performance by Divorce Money! Just ... just ... Wow! Rene from DM was wearing a Joy Division t-shirt—just a logo, and Ian Curtis' "I am lost in this world" visage staring out. Some 10 hours later, I am thinking of the JD lyric, "I've been waiting for a guide to come, and take me by the hand." In that one line, which begins the first song on Joy Division's first "proper" LP, Ian Curtis summed up with such tremendous eloquence and poetry, mankind's yearning to hop a ride across the River Styx, to leave human pain and frailties behind forever. In one line, Curtis had already defined his career, made his grand statement. Some live life to the absolute fullest, jumping into its joys with a full heart and both feet—climbing mountains, white-water rafting, etc.—while a great many others, myself included, view what we have here as a "way station," a distantly familiar bahnof where we're not sure we quite belong. In fact, we're sure that we don't belong, but here we are.

Caught one member short, Divorce Money presented something far beyond the "expected"—not a reeling, live rendering of the songs from their 7" and tape—but a weighty, bottom-heavy, fit of mid-tempo gut punch; (perhaps the closest comparison I could make would be classic Flipper, or Missing Foundation) still very much a Divorce Money set though, flooded with that careening passion that I attempted to describe in the broadcast's advance promotion. DM's set will be coming soon to the Free Music Archive, by way of my curator portal there (of which I'm quite proud—could you tell?)

Noted in the playlist comments were Swollen Organs ("Sexy!" as someone remarked; Jimmy of The Communion's highgrade noise creations); Aerugo (top-shelf new black metal tape; eerie and cobwebbed in ways I'm at a loss to describe); wispy, ethereal, chamber anti-pop from DA; staggeringly great new work from KILT (US tour begins 9/4!), as well as a veritable flood of support for our live guests!

You may click on our heroine above, emerging as she is from a drop-tunnel that will set her out at The Heart of the World, to access the playlist and streaming audio of last night's horrorcast™.

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