Saturday, June 9, 2012

Came ready to stomp.

Everyone gets the blues, relative to their situation. Actually, I think I dated a girl long ago who never got the blues; either that, or she hid it extremely well. Certainly a phenomenon, that; being self-confident and positive all the time. It was unsettling.

Wanna hear my blues? You're already reading; why stop now? But hold your mind, it's a long one. I've got the Big Empty House with no Woman in it, they're building a project house 200 yards from my back fence, when I fall down the stairs, I just have to say "ahh!" and get back up, big pile of record-label work on my desk Blues. Howzzat? Please feel free to share YOUR blues in the comments.

This week's UK Heavy-Blues horrorcast™ was a roaring, rolling, wailing success, and no I did not over-publicize it. Music specials minus any unique, live guest are just that. And as it will remain forever with My Castle of Quiet, those who know, know. I'm accustomed at this point to not getting my full due for a lifetime of artistic efforts, save from the enthusiastic few. But hey, I was recognized on the street in my little New Jersey town yesterday! It comes in drips and daubs, if at all, like an old man's orgasm.

'Twas a lively playlist, with lively comments, selections noted by Groundhogs, Edgar Broughton, Black Sabbath, Cream, John Mayall, and Jimi Hendrix. For myself, every track was a standout, and the playlist was most-carefully planned for maximum footstompin' bluesosity. From the screaming solos of Martin Barre, to the Crowleyean chanting of Graham Bond, I had a terrific time.

And for those who wonder that I may have gone off the deep end, the show returns in two weeks, with the usual haywire punk, extreme metal, and dark, horror-inspired noise and electronics; you know, all those sounds that you love, those that keep our program forever on the fringes.

Most importantly, our next show will feature a live-recorded exclusive set from St. Louis' Shaved Women, to be recorded as part of their tour through our area on June 15. Watch this space for more about that event, and info on where you can catch Shaved Women in person.

I really didn't mean to offend that guy from Venezuela, btw; of course he doesn't know the one, other Venezuelan I've ever met—it was a joke! No one gets my blast-back sense of humor. It works for some guys, but never for me, still I keep trying.

I'm truly pleased that the majority of regular Castle listeners could take the UK Blues journey with me, and you can hear it all, in WFMU's well-kept archives, by clicking on that odd image montage-capture above, from Lucio Fulci's Aenigma.

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  1. What gives me the blues.....hmmm. Wishing I had a few hundred more dollars in my paycheck every two weeks make me have the blues. Once taxes and deductables are taking out of my check, I am surprised I have any money left to pay bills or survive till the next check comes in. I seem to manage though, how I do not know though. Castle of Quiet seems to get me out of my funk too.