Friday, October 8, 2010


Salome is so beautiful; somehow more beautiful than any woman you have ever seen. Is her long hair like fresh wheat? Or the blackest Chinese silk? Her eyes are most surely abyssal pools of death, and you long to swim in and out of them, like a minnow. Oh, to be her lover—it would make all of this, all you have become, alright.

The Castle continues to flourish in the post-mitternacht, no one more surprised than myself. Our spezieller Gast, The Communion, hahahahahahahaha they were so very good. They rock the party that rocks the primordial psyche. There will be many Wm.'s-head-sized holes in my wall as I spend the week reviewing their set. (In the meantime, one may click on the love-crazed fool above to hear the archive of last night's full horrorcast, The Communion's set incorporate.)

The playlist comments, which of late often feel like a message board for the tinfoil-hat army, was ALIVE with pleasure over a great many selections—those of Physical Demon, Astro, the aslis / Bob Blaize / Jeph Jerman collab, our friends Towering Heroic Dudes, and the staggering new Sword Heaven LP. Not least of all, Castleheads were grateful for their live pummeling by The Communion, which will post as mp3s in about one week's time to WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive.

In Salome's sweet envelopment, her fleshy animal embrace, only one thought prevails—"I am here! At last! I know a more visceral life, and a more flavorful death than any man has ever known." Her sweet womb holds like a safe canister. This is, however, a pleasure too great to take back with you to life's plain plane, and Salome herself holds your head aloft by its once-tingled hairs.