Friday, October 22, 2010


Apologies for the lateness of this self-obligatory radio-show archive re-post; I'll trust that many of you were all too moist in the britches about WFMU's annual record fair to notice any absence.

Been feeling sub-par healthwise, and I spent the three hours of airtime (even more so than usual) just playing records that I felt like hearing. Wasn't on the high-energy stuff so much this week; I stuck with the longish-form noise jams and sound art, pleasing myself and undoubtedly a few others as well. As far as "Singles Going Steady" week goes, I'm in love with music—not formats—and my interest in doing what I feel exceeded my ability or want to whittle down my selections to those available only on 7" vinyl, so at the risk of not being a "team player" (nothing new for me) I did what I thought worked for the Castle's week, point blank.

And as far my on-mic rants go, remember that there are always BIGGER ASSHOLES out there than myself, and ultimately, they scare me, firstly because most of them can't spell or write English worth a damn (illiteracy always being frightening), and secondly because what many of those bigger gits lack in comparison to myself is the awareness that they are indeed "jerks," so I give myself huge points for looking in the mirror unflinchingly.

Listener/commenters dug the Isa Christ split 7" (as they should—hey, I played a single after all!), the Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase cassette, and the Rodger Stella/Sharkiface CD from 2008 (thanks for sharing that one, Travis J.)

I'll be DJing live tonight in Brooklyn, as part of a farewell concert for our dear friend Witchbeam, Temple of Pei visionary, and propulsive force behind Telecult Powers and the Hex Breaker Quintet. Our buddy Steve (as we know him) and his charming wife Jillian, are relocating to the wondrous American city of New Orleans (one of my favorite places on Earth), and we wish them both tremendous success and happiness. To celebrate, a mega-concert happens tonight at The Schoolhouse, 330 Ellery Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn, starring SexXxual Ice Land (Telecult Powers + Sister Jillian + Grasshopper + JFR and Lala of Excepter), Nautical Almanac, Sam Goldberg, and Forma. It's going to be a helluva enjoyable night, with Todd Pendu reading Tarot amongst all the other delights. I start spinning (music, that is, my actual "spinning" probably begins a bit earlier, when I hit NYC traffic!) at around 8-8:30, and I hope to see you/meet you there. Unless of course you're a jerk, in which case, approach with caution, though we should be able to achieve some level of jerk solidarity. See Witchbeam's lovely gig flyer above.

Getting back to the radio show, I'm tremendously excited about the great live music coming up in the near future on the Castle, with performances by Danny Moore/Family Treasures (next Thu/Fri!), Heavy Medical (11/12), SSPS (11/19; Jon Nicholson of Excepter solo), Isa Christ, and FUN (dates tba.)

One possible form of suffrage, acquired merely by attending a party in the court of ancient Persia, is seen above. As I wrote on the playlist, "Turned to a tree. Sumbitch." I had several screen captures from this very brief series of shots from the opening of Wishmaster; the one above taking honors because of the intensely mournful expression in the victim's eyes. Looking upward. Petrifed and unable to speak, but able to take you with a single click to the audio archives and playlist for our most-recent horrorcast.

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