Friday, October 1, 2010

Kill, kill, kill!

All those angry women, now blood-spattered, scalp-adorned mannequins in my bedroom, rally together, for it is the time of my comeuppance. For 1,000—nay, one million—offenses. None of them had it coming. I know that now. Sorry ladies, I tried. Just not very hard. The voices were louder than your screams could ever have been.

And when you look at me like that, I know I've done wrong. Still, I cry for my damned soul because I am pathetic. I am covered with abundant volumes of sweat, my arm hurts, and for the first time I know fear. I am dying.

Not for the first time since I've been doing this radio program, the selection I considered to be potentially the most objectionable (a 30-min. Richard Ramirez track that begins with a description of male-to-female oral sex during menstruation) turns out to be the piece that sets the comments board alive with pleasure! "Red wings," indeed!

And Dishammer! Not only are these Spanish badasses the hottest thing going in biker-rock-black-metal, but they unabashedly place a gorgeous woman with a dynamite set of tits on every single record cover. Way to represent, boys! Lost in boobs.

See some of you tonight? At the Nyack Village Theatre? I'll be DJing behind the velvet curtain, with live performances by T.O.M.B., The Alienist, and Lotus Bazooka. Here's the Facebook event, and live stream.

That girl from the subway, I vaguely remember her...she's gotten into the red tempera. If you click on her face, not only does it get it bigger (and madder), but she'll take you to the playlist and audio archive of last night's horrorcast™.


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