Friday, September 3, 2010

yeah classic

"Tough." That's the word Fenriz used to describe the kind of music he wanted to make in Eibon, his never-fully realized project with Satyr, Phil and Killjoy. I bring up "Tough," because after two listens through last night's horrorcast™, that's where I'm at with it. For at least one evening of selections, it's a big, firm, solid set of cojones that connects The Stooges > Wolvhammer > ISA Christ > Incapacitants etc.

I never set out to play music that does not commit all the way to its reason for being; there are plenty of places you can go to hear that other stuff. Everyone's TRYING to have laughs and good times, so that shit is available in abundance. Me, I'm here to bring the bad news. "Sorry, your son's been killed in a 'military accident'; sorry, we're taking your house away; sorry, local law enforcement will make only a light showboat at shutting down the crack dealers right around the corner; sorry, budgets are down; sorry, the weather sucks; sorry, there's a fly in your tuna salad sandwich."

Too many people saying "sorry," and not nearly enough are doing anything about it. But who am I to talk? The disease of apathy is a palpable stench at my house. Am I even the afflicted anymore, or a carrier? I'm a carrier; pretty sure.

Castleheads loved that
Bloodsucking Freaks trailer (see—even the whimsy, the nostalgic absurdism, is designed here to encompass torture, anxiety, lack of surety, lack of subtlety, bad medallions, and chicks who just can't help themselves. Sure, laugh your head off, but she's still not getting her hand back.) You also enjoyed the new Raspberry Bulbs tape, Sovereign, Physical Demon, and Incapacitants. I'm not saying that there's no enjoyment, as there is much, but there are no apologies, either.

Don't feel too bad for her. Yeah, "Oh shit, here comes the machete," but she didn't have too long to feel bad about what was happening. She had a lot of time to think about the other stuff she did, like "destroy her child, daughter of a war hero ... turning [it] into a pig-fucker's bitch." You see, tough is not always as it seems—she who has lived a cheap life, and dies an even cheaper death, is "tougher" than he who wields the instrument. One click on her last look of surprise will take you to the playlist and archived audio of last night's program.

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