Friday, September 10, 2010

I bought black bed sheets today!

Sounds pretty sweet, Marco. I'd love me some black bed sheets. Only thing is, it really shows up those cum stains. But yeah, generally I want black everything—walls, floor, ceiling, house and car. Don't misunderstand—my eyes love color (evidenced by my screen-capture choices); color talks to us in a multitude of voices—but black, black is my comfort zone. I'm ensconced.

Our special live guest, Chaos*Majik (aka Todd Pendu) rendered a masterful electronic suite of great power and subtlety; a remarkable, album-like presentation done in real time, with guest vocals by Laylah (Johanna L.)

I hope you all were listening. If not, click on Amanda above, uh, before The Goat takes her, to access the playlist and audio archive of last night's horrorcast™.

Castlehead love on the playlist for our very honorable guest, the Possession trailer, and FUN.

I have much to do, and much to contemplate, thanks to Todd's reading of my tarot last night with the Crowley Thoth deck. That's why I'm keeping this archive re-post short.

Next week --- Husere Grav!!!


  1. " You look ugly. You've hardened. For the first time, you look vulgar to me. "

  2. The cum stains aren't that visible. Trust me.