Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your castle is too quiet.

Last night, forces conspired to storm the Castle—what were they thinking? By the end, our stronghold prevailed, and the hillside was littered with body pieces and viscera. Castle staff celebrated our victory by drinking ceremonial wine, and rolling about naked in a bed made from the feathers of a flock of damned birds.

Deadgirl will take you with a single click to the playlist/archive page, but be careful, you may arrive minus one or two important hunks of flesh—she bites.

With the stars Spill, The Decapitated Hed, Bob Bellerue & Jarrett Silberman, and Raven.


  1. What is your opinion on Auspicium's Dawnland release? I see you played Mountains of Pamola. I've been considering adding that track to my playlists for a week or two as well.

  2. Orion, good question! I've been on the fence for a few weeks about those releases, as some of it's a little too light for me. That folk song at the end—what the hell is that about? Love that track I played, though....

  3. Though the release as a whole works nicely to mimic the cresting of the waves which inspire him, sometimes I too wish that Patrick would just write something a bit more vicious and harsh. I really love the atmosphere for the first several minutes of Shoreline Rose though. I could have done without that folky song also.

  4. Too quite AND you digz horrid music.....ohhhhhhhhh, here you go.