Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New England Swings Like a Pendulum (in a Pit) Do

The arcade at Old Orchard Beach, ME. The finest noise-collage performance I've ever attended. Take that, Rupenus Brothers!
Okay, if you insist. Portsmouth, NH. Steps away from Odyssey & Oracle records, wherein occurred a chance meeting with my new favorite one-man musical project, Enslaved by Owls. Tune in tomorrow to the Castle to hear a track from his great debut disc.
Dragon Chop Block, green train station, Saco, ME
Old Orchard Beach tells it like it is, with no fancy language.
Where I went for inspiration. So Pure...So Cold
Not where I stayed, but a great fucking sign.
"Great Job!"
CN in her backyard.

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  1. I look like I'm experiencing the enlightenment only heavy use of Cinco automated dishwasher powder can bring. Thanks WMB!