Friday, April 21, 2017

it scared me. But then the fear turned into love

This week saw a Cabaret Voltaire-minded opening, the premiere of a new Kenneth Anger / Brian Butler's Technicolor Skull track (tape out on Walpurgisnacht from Arcana Machine), new Rope Sect, old Sixx, new Snakehole, and Bauhaus holding up exceptionally well as it has. More new Cult of Fire and Black Cilice, Vanyar, Deathgod Messiah and Barghest, and unearthed greatness on 7" from Curved Blade. New Skullflower (!), Jason Lescalleet, and krautrock dreams with Planes rounded off our last hour.

Still in ill health, I remain not terribly verbose, but I can tell you these:

1. What to know about the Unicorn frappucino at Starbucks? You can't get one. Not at any location I tried. Starbucks is poison; don't go there.

2. From theoretical poison to real poison, a new study shows diet soda TRIPLES your risk of stroke and dementia. I told you so. Have a little of the real thing; always better than a frivolous dose of the laboratory-derived imitation.

3. Dollars to donuts the Paris shooting was perpetrated by a follower of Islam.
I-I-I-I-I-S-S-S-S-L-L-A-A-A-A-M! "The Religion of Peace," the only one globally that still kills people in its name.

4. Someone should do a double-feature screening of the great Living Doll (from 1990) and Love Object (newly added to Shudder.) Trailers below.


  1. Careful with what you say about Islam. The pc liberals will be ready to pounce on that.

  2. Kidding, don't give any fucks about the left or right these days. Having an open mind is out of the question in 2017.

  3. @Rory Don't I know it. I feel a little freer here to express myself than on general social media. I've been very anti-religion since my teens, and I won't stop now. It should be understood that I realize many of these people have been brought up in an environment of fear and terror and misinformation, and the U.S. policies and actions in the Middle East are partly or largely to blame. STILL, nothing excuses acts of terror or the slaughter of innocents. There are a growing number of Muslims who are intellectuals desperate for reform and change. PC is just ill-informed nonsense.

  4. Agreed! That's part of the reason why I am not on facebook and twitter etc. Never really got into it (though I did have twitter acoount in '09) and it's just gotten more insane. Too many people, too many opinions, too much bullshit and I don't care about old friends/classmates from jr. high and high school. I do follow music and movie labels on facebook just to keep up with the flood...

  5. The Unicorn Frapp isn't all that it was living up to. IT was suppose to be sweet and sour (kinda was). They added mango for the sweet (why mango? It really isn't something you want to pair up with something that is going to be sour) and it really wasn't that sour. I was a bit disappointed. My daughter (who got the smallest size) and I didn't even finish our drinks. There is a meme floating around on Facebook with Darkness from Legend. The caption reads, "Is the Unicorn Frapp made with real unicorns? Asking for a friend." That made me laugh so hard.

    1. Ha! Haven't seen that one. Everyone I know personally who drank one was underwhelmed. Pretty colors though.

    2. It was a bit of a disappointment. Now they are out with a dragon frapp, hmmmm....may just stay with my usual drinks from there.

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