Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We just can't get a Castle show on Halloween can we? One day though...

Someone please 'splain to me what "...a Woody Harrelson short" means? Is the always-charming actor-stoner-stoner-actor valid currency now? And how then, would a Harrelson fare in market value against a McConaughey? And thanks for the consideration (and headline), listener Rory. That particular planetary alignment may have happened (I'd have to check a calendar), of our program and Halloween falling on the same night—may not have—but honestly, the very essence of the matter is that WE ARE HALLOWEEN on My Castle of Quiet, every week; so while many take the weeks leading up to the holiday to "get their spook on," it's the daily order that we remain immersed in the cinema, imagery and language of horror always, so no "Halloween Special" needed, or really even considered. IF we fall on the day, all that said, a ritual of some proportion might be in order, we shall see what the stars have planned.

...It's a good day today, not only because my pre-worn shirt and Instax from Gyna Bootleg* arrived (*performance artist-idol-noisemaker-sexbomb-SIRE vocalist-and pretty much the best thing on Instagram) but also because we rattled these Castle walls last night, and a good time was had by all. (And to answer your question, yes I am a pervert, a bicycle-seat-sniffer if ever there was one, and though the Bootleg shirt came with neither stink nor stank, it's still pre-worn and it's a nicely debauched, seedy silkscreened design.) ...and we didn't even hear SIRE this week, but we will!!!! They have three new songs posted at their bandcamp from the soon to arrive SIRE full-length, Evocation of the Serpent.


The faithful roared (er, typed) for: Basarabian Hills | Waste | Frizzi2Fulci (see below) | new Nick Cave | new Dark Blue | new Numerators | Alcoholic Rites | Kiran Arora ... the new Cape of Bats tape-side sounding great, too, along with Street Sects, BIB, the Fur Helmet 12", lots more ...

So, 54% is awesome, and much love to the hardcore 'heads that got us there—we still have a potential 46% to go in pledges, so if you enjoyed last night's show, haven't pulled the trigger quite yet, etc., please see the black, white and grey "PLEDGE NOW" widget somewhere above this post, at the top of our horrorcast™-playlist-archive page, and virtually all over (if you wish to pledge to another WFMU program, or the station @ large.)

Click on that inspired young lad up top, from the I Was a Teenage Were-Bear segment of the comedy-horror anthology Chillerama, to reach the full streaming audiocast, playlist with album art, and comments for last night's program.

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