Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I'm enjoying this more-mixed approach to set structure that has sort of crept up on me. The Castle has always been eclecticbecause "dark" comes in so many colors. There will still be "metal blocs," not to worry, just maybe with a little more seasoning in the membranes. All The Colors of The Dark, in fact. It's been an Edwige Fenech kind of week, for me, having just re-watched Your Vice Is a Locked Room ...thanks to Shudder. Also, if you happen to be a subscriber, Blood Rage, recently added, and starring Louise Lasser, is absolutely indispensable for lovers of great American trash cinema.

Much gratitude to Andy Ortmann for a complex and slowly unfolding, treat-for-the-ears set; sounded amazing over the air. And to HOGG, fierce and earnest in their craft in all the right ways, a perfect blend of punchy drum machine-live percussion-spiny guitar-plucky bass, and Regan McNeil vocals, nice people to boot. It was great to meet you all, and thanks for making My Castle of Quiet & WFMU a stop on the tour. You can stream our entire horrorcast™ from last night, including both live sets, by clicking above, on a revolver-wielding Imogen Poots from the fun Fright Night remake (2011.)

Remember, while everyone gets "spooky," and wallows in horror-film enjoyment every October, we are here doing this every week. We are Halloween all-year-round, and if that be your Santa Claus as well, then please do donate what you can, to our show and to WFMU. Bottom line we really need it (for example, our server was choked, right during last night's show and until some time today) and more $ means more independence for WFMU always. Just sayin'.

Thanks to everyone who has pushed My Castle of Quiet 30% toward its shift goal for the month! I've thanked some of you on air, and have a bigger list of names to roll call next week. My gracious thanks, and a place for thee always amidst the mortar of The Castle.

To pledge, please see the dog-and-cow flash widget above this post.

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Finally, this week is Singles Going Steady at WFMU, which undoubtedly fueled our eclecticism, with high points last night from The Animals, Amofas, Wilt, the first Der Plan EP, Sun Splitter, Spettro Family, Liviiing, Dairyland Jubilee, Narcos, True Love, more ...

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