Wednesday, January 6, 2016

talons crossed!

Yeah, Herman Kopp's violin-rounds from Der Todesking are pretty damn special, and like I said last night, I wonder if early Mortiis, or the Burzum instrumentals, would sound quite the same if not for Kopp's work in general. I like Der Todesking better than Nekromantik, as much as it lacks the "group sex with a rotting corpse" aspect, it's always struck me as a more satisfying, cohesive film.

Also noted in the playlist comments, yes listener coelacanth, that Muerte LP is "pretty perfect," such that I scraped together non-existent dollars to secure a personal copy; last night we heard from Muerte's 2013 demo, still finding their sound, teetering a little closer to black metal than death rock, a ferocious first recording and a logical plateau to precede the current LP.

I was having fun with the Kenzo db image-upload feature last night, sharing images and record sleeves that dressed things up nicely, making for a View-Master®-like carousel of scrappy, stark, and colorful images. See the playlist and stream last night's horrorcast™ by clicking above, on that chick about to go banzai on her murderous, preadolescent cousin in The Children.

Personal faves included: Expander | Prison Moan | Leash [FREE JANN MOON!!! AAAHHHH!] | Cønditiøn | Negative Scanner | the great Velho | 1990-vintage Cabal | amazing, new Cape of Bats | last year's staggeringly good Clandestine Blaze album | Bosse-de-Nage | Arizmenda from the Desert Dances & Serpent Sermons v/a collection | 2002-vintage Down | great 2015 Wilt CD on NO PART OF IT | ...and The Antwerp Killer original score on Finders Keepers

Until next week, I leave you with this live Leash clip from Sept. 2015. Jann, you are in our thoughts!!

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