Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hooray for full bush!

Ideally, the My Castle of Quiet radio program is an enthused gathering of passionate, like-minded souls, whose discussions of music and film etc. can comfortably veer off into equally zealous exchanges on pubic-hair preferences. Viva! I think it's what Jim Morrison meant when he used the term, "a feast of friends," and I like that we had a solid, gender-mixed, cross-generational group on the chats last night. Doing the weekly horrorcast™ is always rewarding for me personally, the "big charge" of my week—but even more so when I'm surrounded by a good group of vibey Castleheads.

No shortage of musical highlights last night (that unplanned week off always ensuring greatness), with noteworthy tracks by Oppressive Light, Black Sabbath, Dark Star (great top-ten NWOBHM albums of 1981 list here, at Play It Loud!), Dr. Shrinker, and new Ramleh (Crucial Blast) in our first set alone.

As the conversation veered away from music, to femme fur, archaic sex tomes, and the questionable eroticism of toes, I allowed the good times to er, roll through me, so much great music, old and new things I'm really excited about: Nordwind | 2009 Lifelover | Dry Insides (!!!!!) | Mystic Inane | Muerte (ad perpetuum) | Cape of Bats (of course; our guests on the upcoming Feb. 23 Castle show | new prog music from James Harlow (aka Jabladav) | ...and that amazing new Gate album, Michael Morley boldly re-shaping his solo sound yet again!

In other news, we have live music coming next week, our first for 2016, from Imperial Trumpet—more info & join the radio event here on Facebook.

Not much more to add except to say that last night quite innocently became Camille Keaton night, what with our smoochy screen capture above, and the unexpected Morricone score for What Have You Done to Solange? waiting for me in WFMU's new vinyl bin (see our last set.) You can hear the whole mess, and traverse the playlist and listener comments by clicking on that winning smile, from  Tragic Ceremony (click here for the full film on YouTube, a free watch—and trust me when I say that's it's some nicely bent, 70s Euro-crud.)

Thanks for listening... Speaking of film here's another one I really liked: