Friday, October 23, 2015

Greetings friends, Castleheads, Castle haters, et al. ...

Pos or neg, I appreciate your participation in the ongoing "radio
experiment" that is My Castle of Quiettrying always to bring those darker emotions and unsavory music to the airwaves. WFMU is hoping to raise pledges / funds all October, $ we really need in advance of our more official 2-week yearly marathon in March 2016. And yeah, we're running out of October, with the program holding @ 50% toward its *very modest* fundraising goal of $900 for the month.

This month-long "fun-raiser" is low impact; that said, our building needs all kinds of urgent, ridiculous repairs, we have two new t-shirt designs we're offering for your pledge, and you can enter a photo of your pet in our Mascot Contest v.2 when you pledge.

See the white, rectangular, "WOOF-MOO" Flash pledge widget above to make a donation, or go to my playlist-archive page @

For more information, or to donate to WFMU at large (or another WFMU
program) see here.

Hails and thanks to those who have pledged already, those who will pledge,
and those who are unable to donate but just listen and engage My Castle of Quiet with enthusiasm! I'm eternally grateful for your support!!

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