Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two whole weeks without the castle:( I didn't think I'd survive it. Welcome back ... Dj my funeral please

Spend more than a week away, and home is not likely to feel like home, not instantly. A few days of adjustment will be requisite. But that said, the DJ's chair @ WFMU was an easy slide back in, and will probably feel comfortable to me as long as I live. And such a nice welcome back from listeners! ...I'm one who by nature assumes that no one gives a damn what I do or where I go, if I live or I die, etc., and I'm not above engendering some self-fulfilling prophecy towards that end, either, so your kind words and accolades are appreciated perhaps more than you know.

I think it's become appropriate to refer to the particulate forms in the My Castle of Quiet radio show as "coitus" (the metal / punk / grind etc.) and "post-coital" (the noise, film scores, etc.), but I'm also not above flipping those scenes, mixing and mashing as the moment strikes.

Words on our playlist for:  Ancient Funeral Cult | Pallbearer (bought the CD used @ Beatnick Records in Montreal), and classic tracks from Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Vangelis (thanks to listener fleep for that last link; I was fortunate enough to find the original Barclay vinyl CHEAP in Montreal, at Sonorama (lots of great used vinyl there, with all genres represented) Also want to give a huge plug to Sound Central, the best store for my particular tastes in Montreal, where I found the Kenaz cassette and The Ropes 7" we heard last night.

Personal highs last night, and there were many, include the aforementioned Vangelis find, new tracks by Dhampyr, and Black Whispers (from Costa Rica), one selection from an excellent new full-length by Lussuria (Lussuria LIVE on MCoQ in 2011<<<), classic tracks from Kraftwerk (full DL / info / SoundCloud @ that link!; The CD itself is a boot...), Agent Steel (I played a different track, but this is their "anthem") and Antonius Rex (interesting, contemplative fan post on the Jacula / Antonius Rex "mythos"), and lastly, a great 2011 piece from Sky Burial, who as far as I can tell have no "bad material," as I like everything I've heard.

I want to get this posted, so I'll keep it short and just say thanks for listening! We have some interesting prospects for live music on the horrorcast™ in the cooker, but nothing ready for publication. ... Our film still this week comes not from a horror film, but from Mikhail Kalatozov's Cranes Are Flying, an elegant-but-brutal WWII tragedy; click there to reach our audio archives and playlist / message board for this week's show.

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