Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Massaging my hate to sleep.

So, a relatively "quiet" night, on the playlist, but I never sweat those. People are out there, listening and feeling the music. ...In part, I gauge things by my own personal quality standard, though interacting with listeners via WFMU's accuplaylist in real time during the show is definitely a lot of fun for me. Plus, more comments (our post title here today, for example) trialed in after, as they so often do, due to our horrorcast™'s late hour, or early hour, for some.

Praise early on for the outstanding track by Puerto Rico's Cornucopia, and yes, it's true I've never heard a "bad" or "uninteresting" Cornucopia track—their considerable output has been generally outstanding, and that Ultima album is perhaps my favorite release on my buddy Bob Bellerue's Anarchymoon Recordings label. I just come back to that record again and again. But I'm predisposed, also, toward any LP where a "side" = "song" layout has been employed. ...The Ultima track may have also helped to make it a quiet night; a hovering, a 19-min., mind-daubing electronic piece will either put some people to sleep, or send the less hearty onward to more pop pastures.

CORNUCOPIA ON BANDCAMP - lots of free downloads, and others are "name your price"

Also, one CD-R that's never failed to get a positive reaction from Castleheads—and somewhat to my surprise, as we so rarely if ever play acoustic, melodious music—is the Nest CDr by Gulity Feelings. Castleheads, like me, must just really love this album—it's this kind of sound done very right, and the songs are all executed with sincerity and passion, and the lyrics are good and the melodies are like mind-glue; plus it's generally dreary and bittersweet, so ultimately Guilty Feelings DOES very much fit the mood of MCoQ.

This record has yet to make its full impact on the music world, and thus far Guilty Feelings, perhaps refreshingly, have no Internet presence whatsoever that I could detect.

Also, for my own, a high, high point of last night's show was the lengthy cassette track from Void Prayer (out now on The Throat)—emotionally stirring, with a wild build, and representative of the striking new direction of Netherlands black metal in general.

Thanks for listening this week! Click on the abomination depicted above, to reach our horrorcast playlist, audio archive and listener comments. ...I'm off to continue the drawn-out process of dying alone....oh, also, wanted to add that I really enjoyed this Norwegian period piece about a young girl on the run from barbarians ...

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