Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Rapture, in Several Shades of Orange
I've been taking longer breaks from special guests and live music, since My Castle of Quiet came back to WFMU's weekly air in December. And what can I say? Painful for The Fonz, but not for me—I WAS WRONG!

The concentrated joy of last night's set by Future Death Toll was its own reward. Fresh off of tour, the band sounded a-frickin'-mazing, and I was immediately confronted with a familiar feeling, of "O, Lucky Man!" I dig deep into the underground, bobbing for those most-artistic of apples, and come up with the OUTSTANDING sounds of FUTURE DEATH TOLL!!! Indeed, I am fortunate, to have this incredible OUTLET wherein I can extend invitations to artits such as these, and they just show up and play! Sit in that Studio B chair sometime, and you'll begin to understand how good the years of MCoQ weekly broadcasts have been to me, and to the program's devoted listeners. The kiss of WFMU is GOLDEN, and I need to remember to utilize this opportunity, in order to bestow upon all who care the rareified talents of artists like these.

An off-and-on tenure of some 30-very-odd years with the station has afforded me the true gift to host some of my favorite artists / bands, and to introduce to a wider audience some lesser-known greats as well.

The playlist comments bubbled over with appreciation for our guests, and tracks by She Wants Revenge, and Svartpest (a favorite from 2003.)

...Time then, to line up some more live sets for the ensuing months, and remind myself of which side The Castle's black bread is buttered on.

Click on our gauzy trio, from the Shaw Brothers film The Boxer's Omen, a psychedelic-horror-gross/out-Tao-revenge wizzbang of a weirdass film, to reach the playlist and audio archive of last night's horrorcast™.

For more from Future Death Toll, also check out their pages on soundcloud and bandcamp.

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