Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pie and not gone. ... Viva La Berger!

My colleague Jonathan Herweg (our shows used to butt up on Thursday nights, and I find his program to be generally excellent) got me at a funny moment; I was "going off," which I now rarely do, taking an extended first mic break, talking of all things, whatever thoughts, stories and opinions were bursting to get out last night, and in the midst of this op-ed-rant, Jonathan writes "Viva La Berger!" to the playlist comments, catching me off guard and giving me a laugh, though I assume he was generally liking what he was hearing. So when I use that phrase as a blog-post title, it's as much self-aggrandizing as it is self-effacing. Man should be humble and proud in equal measure!

Much love for Fairport Convention's "Tam Lin," a song I too have loved for many years. I was a bit worried that I was starting off too "rock," at least for the general listener expectations that tend to surround The Castle, so the massively positive reception was reassuring. I'll also mention right here that "Tam Lin" is about witches, curses, knights, fairies, Hallowe'en—a wholly appropriate bit of drama-laden folklore from the British Isles. "They will turn me into a newt or a snake, but hold me tight and fear not, I am your baby's Father."

Not much to add; I'm working on some live music stuff for the upcoming month-plus, but nothing to announce definitively yet.

Last night's show was in three, fairly definable chunks—"rock dirges; apocalypse score"—"black metal, kvlt!"—and "long M.B. piece." Hope you enjoy(ed)! Click on the partially digested shoe from the great Death Bed (thanks, Tracy!) to reach the playlist, archive and comments.

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