Tuesday, December 17, 2013

quarter to 8 this guy emerges from a 20h hibernation to a scary world of scary music
Intention v. Action; Spanakopita Foundation v. Berger, both 2013. District court of Essexxx (dream on!) County. Insists on saying "spanakopita" instead of "spinach pie." (Not me.)

These are nerdy, predictably facial-haired 'merican guys, looking in all the wrong/right places for an Asian girlfriend, and asking "Where is MY ___ ___?" What is their secret? Or lack of one?

Anyway, I'm miserable. My life is over, as much as it continues. Death by perpetually broken heart.
My son will now go, and leave me in the mess that I'm in. To be continued, maybe.

Thanks for listening. Playlist comments favored:  Raspberry Bulbs (pretty cool that not only is the Live on MCoQ session listed there on Metal Archives, but they've also used Tracy's photo manipulation for the band entry!) | Castevet | Kavra

To listen, read the playlist and comments, click on the, um, girl, up above.

My place in history now somewhat cemented, do I have to go on? Can I die now, please? PLEASE?!