Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Night of the Return of the Already Dead
"Home to roost"

There is, quite simply put, too much great music and too much support for the My Castle of Quiet radio show for me to just allow it to wane and wither. I've built something; an aggregation, however loose, a community—and I cannot abandon it, however much my person stands in a sort of perpetual state of crisis/crises. I can keep on living as the living dead, and do a weekly radio show at the same thymme—yeah, I'm that good.... On a lighter note, not enough people are named Hume these days. You can disrespect, screw another man, do me wrong, but please let his name be Hume. I'm not a human, or a "hume," do you see? It's perfect.

"Pass me a pickel, pleash?" Espionage. You shee, it really meansh shometing elsh.

Metal, and soundtracks/scores, and stellar improvised music, goes ON, and it's one of the few joys of my life keeping up with it all. "Give me some pleasure" —Iggy Pop.

So ... Saturday nights/ Sundae mornings midnight-3 a.m.; the customary rolling of the residence for bugs and enemies a-plotting. They never find anything. But it seems sort of perfect, this time, Castle-tee. I like it, cautiously; cautiously because, I'm cautious about everything, and because the weekend can be famous for comments-board douchebaggery, but I can work with that, and have a trick-bag of ways of dealing, some of them are even downright PLAYFUL.

Already scheming, thinking about live musical guests—for example, discussed long ago, a second appearance of Hoor-paar-Kraat; Seed Stock guest-DJ blackout #3; New York's Future Death Toll. ...and I'm sure there are more, more. I'm old, and needed that brain cell for something. These are just what has been already discussed off the top of my head. ...Would love to get some local paranormal-researcher types on the show this season, not that I necessarily believe, but I want to believe, and it's all more interesting than the drivel that gets passed around at an N/A meeting; "war" stories, past drug thrills, passing for God-box reboots—anyone have a paranormal research contact? More grind, hardcore; synth people. The only thing I won't stoop to is phoners; way too awkward not having that person face to face, though hopefully some old friends and/or some new ones will visit. My crazy old drunkard Polish landlord from the 90s? hehehe

So, Operation Home-to-Roost is finished; returning to my respective corner to recoup and energize for the season to come.

Last night's fill-in was a blast; always fun, and the preceding Freitag Schwarze allowed me reign to beef up those selections, though it doesn't take much; black metal seems the SOLE genre where new things are actually happening, still happening, redefining constantly the sub-sub-sub-genres and geniuses in their own time. And I was musing out loud last night about what it might take to get One Master to return, this time as Lustrum. So, no shortage of ideas, but, any thoughts on what my marathon premium should be this yare? I'm open. Was thinking maybe "Scores Galore"? Cinelogues and musical themes, rarer than not?

Also, in re: last night's show, not one single comment on the MUSIC ITSELF, which is extremely rare, though there were comments on one of those little things I do, when the technology fails to serve, where I turn on the mic but at a distance, and act as though I'm "figuring things out"...weird that people would bother to seize upon that, and in a surly manner label it a "rookie move"—haha, if I'm a "rookie," this is as good as it gets having been on the air since 1984. It IS the Internet, after all, where one can talk smack from the safety of one's own rubber Vulcan ears, with no fear of reprisal. ...

So I'll comment upon a few things of acute interest; Bob Bellerue's Redglaer 10", a compact little record of dense metallurgy; John Cage's "A Room," which was the high point for me of the film doc New York in the Fifties, and a piece I wasn't previously familiar with, not that I really "know my Cage," far from it. New records by Lufycrem Etaf, Cultes des Ghoules, White Medal, Black Cilice, *Vasaeleth*, Ubasute; tracks by Jarboe/Jon Thoresen and Bleak; a new double tape by Death Factory, and a new single, first time on vinyl, for Verglas.

That's about it; you'll hear me next week in The Castle's new time slot—again, Saturday night. Sunday a.m., midnight-3 ET. Pushing off the moist earth, reaching for the mouldy air, NOW. ...To hear last night's program archive as well as view the playlist, etc., click on sad, doomed Eddie above, from Toshio Matsumoto's Funeral Parade of Roses.

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