Friday, June 10, 2011

bring forth the winter

Oh yes, please do. A little unseasonal 40° weather would do me right just about now. "Summer Is Not My Friend," as Woods of Infinity have charged. This is the time that I get to see a lot of horror films, and just generally catch up on things of an interior nature. Who can stand to go outside? My body will crawl with insects when it breathes no more—but not now—not if I can help it in the slightest.

To exemplify, last night's Castle broadcast, #99, was a cryptogram of sorts, some titles meaning nothing or little at all, but if you could lay them out, flat like a circular diagram, and draw lines from one significant title to another, a not-so-mysterious answer would reveal itself. Those who know me, really know me, have the answer already.

Summer is my season of emotional desperation; where everything seems like it's about to crack, break, the fissures sending vital fluids running to the gutter. The only welcome postulate is that it rain, rain rain, as in our opening selection from Jabladav. (And I'm really glad that we've seen the last of those who complain about synthesizer presets—stop missing the point! It's all about what you do with it, not what "it" is.)

California's great Ash Borer turned ears and heads on last night's horrorcast™; check both their blogger page and Metal Archives entry, as both a vinyl reissue of their self-titled full length (from Pesanta Urfolk, those who gave us the Hell reissue, gloriously remastered for the medium) as well as a double cassette of their complete recorded works, are available now or soon to be.

York Factory Complaint also blew minds (as they do every time), reminding me that I must get on the can-and-string to Ryan Martin about a Castle appearance asap.

Listeners should also investigate Malus, Lady Piss, and new releases by Pygmy Shrews and Shaved Women.

To summarize, in the "Circus of the Worker," snake lady is certainly playing through the pain, and perhaps she has done so a million times, which would make us contemporaries. Click on her resolved countenance to reach the playlist and audio archive(s) of this week's program.

Luv ya.

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