Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday. Sorry.

The Law of Attraction is so NOT BULLSHIT, just ask Andy's Mom. She prayed too hard—she prayed for real, and the candle's flame absorbed her desires and spat them back at the world. But it wasn't supposed to happen (see top.)

Either by the sheer and gradual momentum of doing a horror-oriented radio program on a popular radio station, or by being on in the late night, and thereby truly "reaching my public" (or a combination of both factors) I am now receiving 2-3 emails per week, and sometimes packages, from newly converted Castleheads, and I COULD NOT BE MORE CHUFFED. You people are amazing. You gore-munching, supernatural-mood-loving, noise-punk-black metal freakniks; I'm grateful for the appreciation and please keep listening! If I don't write back to each and every one of you, it is only because time does not allow.

Much Castlehead love on the playlist this week for Snuff, the Warsaw/Dead Kennedys couplet, Cursed, Scapegoat, and The Wizard of Gore himself, Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Andy should never have come back. And as his Mom looks on, he desperately, urgently returns to the earth from whence she called him. Sad, but not unbelievable. A mother's love can be most frightening. Andy, in his resolving throes, can still take you with a click to the streaming audio archive and playlist for last night's horrorcast.

Thanks again to Daniel and Donna...and bloody curds of flame and melted-wax thanks to Tracy for the unforgettably lovely birthday card (also above.) Next Week --- MjolniirDXP AND Epileptinomicon!!!

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