Monday, November 30, 2009

More Views From BC

Tattoo inspiration; Vancouver Island.
Sign on Granville St. Bridge rubs it in. Vancouver, BC.
Like an ever-flowing stream.
Stream detail
Toothpicks for the Titans
Vancouver Island—land of 1,000 Kampfar album covers.
Part van, part semi—and it's for sale!
Never a problem, eh.
Canadian medieval barber dental extraction tools; still used today. Alberni Valley Museum.
Old tube tester; reminded me of PKD's novel Voices From the Street. Alberni Valley Museum.


  1. Your adventurousness is admirable; it is a very special place filled with independent, fortitude-filled souls.

  2. CN, your comment...exactly 11:11 p.m.!

  3. Those dental extraction tools are not the best way to start your appointment with the doctor! Jesus! I can't believe they are still being used! Where? Guantamo?

  4. Excellent picture of the tube tester (I remember when these used to be installed in many public places, and we used to use them to test our TV tubes, etc.). We're writing a scholarly academic research paper and wanted to use the picture; would be great if we could get permission from you to use it.

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