Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do as thou wilt.

I'm easily talked into that one, SiHV. Just ask my almost-ex wife; apparently, what I "wilt" is all that I do. Then my best pal comes back from N'awlins with a human knuckle bone for me. With an inner circle like that, I may be organizing a long-table feast with my enemies. HA HA!

Yes I played Discharge. The thin membrane that was separating Discharge and Hellhammer just peeled completely away. Also starring Physical Demon, Virginal Volcanoes, Umberto, Raspberry Bulbs, Haunted George, Josh Lay, and Demons.

The lovely Florence Tanner, mental medium, is pictured above prior to her disastrous (yet oddly sensual) encounter at the Belasco House. Watery and forceful, she will gently take your hand and guide you to the playlist/streaming archive for last night's horrorcast™ (where it should be noted I played some Black-a-Billy™, in addition to the usual horrorscapes™ etc.)

What demon-spirit could possibly resist that irresponsible collar, and Ms. Tanner's milky translucence? A demon-spirit better than I.